Not just above all.  Jesus is far, far, far above all in my eyes.  It thrills me to know I’m not alone in seeing Him that way!

It thrills me more to know His being above all is not just an opinion.  It is a reality!  Anyone who has discovered this reality is never the same.

The reason for this blog page is to celebrate Jesus being above all for in this reality is found the answer to the faintest yearnings and most desperate needs of our entire planet.  The problems of our world are far, far, far too big for the combined good intentions and genius of the whole world to grasp much less address — much less solve.  Jesus is not only our only hope for a beautifully transformed world, He is our certainty.

Yes, I freely speak by faith understanding fully it is not by proof.  My confidence in Jesus is grounded in a lifetime of exploring His claims personally and seriously.  In that lifetime of over 70 years of highs and lows He has proven His kindness and mercy and care to be very generous and very, very real.

I welcome all who also know Him to join me in singing His praises!  We can’t all sing like Michael W. Smith can but we can all put in our 2 cents worth!

Michael W. Smith singing “Above All”

I also hope and pray to connect with the growing number of still others who want to discover for themselves why Jesus is above all!

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